Coverpage (primroseport) wrote,

10 Ode to Black Earth

Ode to Black Earth

Terra preta, terra preta, even your name is rich and heady!

Black earth, Amazonian earth, charcoal and ash, potsherd and crushed bone, trash and shit, carcass and nitrogen.

Black earth is life from death, black earth is growth from decay, black earth is delicious!

One thousand years changeless, so rare and so precious, to sink in you is to worship and luxuriate

To swim in the sun, the black sun, the sun as it is to those without eyes

One thousand years of sun beating on the Indians and watching them die

Beating on their grave mounds and their ash piles

Beating them into their own waste

Beating them into humus, into black earth

Into black earth

I sink!
Tags: thierry, world of darkness
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