Coverpage (primroseport) wrote,

Evening Routine 5


MILICA Nothing.


MILICA Pardon me?

AGATA What do you want?

MILICA I... I don’t want anything!

AGATA You have been silent for ten minute.

MILICA God, am I that obvious?

AGATA I know you.

MILICA I’m, er... I don’t want to annoy you...


MILICA But you seem really preoccupied about something. But it’s not my business.

AGATA Just ask, instead of making this face for ten minute until you force me to ask you what is problem.

MILICA I don’t want to be a pest.

AGATA If you are pest, I tell you.

MILICA Okay. Sorry.


MILICA Sorry! Er, is something wrong?

AGATA I am not sure. Maybe yes, maybe no.

MILICA Trouble with Nails?

AGATA I meet more, last night.

MILICA Oh my god.

AGATA Two lady. Mekhet. One I have seen before, but she did not introduce herself at this time.

MILICA Were they angry?

AGATA It was public. They just give Elysium information, and tell me where not to hunt.

MILICA Are we in trouble?

AGATA I have been hunting in Prince hunting ground.


AGATA Enough, Mili’. Continue. You are taking seven thousand year with make-up.


AGATA I did not know. Probably there is no trouble if I go to Elysium and make introduction. I will maybe pretend to be stupid Gangrel who does not understand prestation. Maybe I will offer boon. I have not decided.


AGATA But Sakari. Yes. Delicate situation.

MILICA What are we going to do?

AGATA This is large city. I spend long time here and nobody come find me until now. Probably two hundred of us. No time for nomad Gangrel, I think. No time to care who my friend is.

MILICA But Mister Nails!

AGATA This one. He pretend not to know where Elysium is. Does not tell me about Madame Asuka or Alex-Whatever-Her-Name-Is, but tell them who I am. Or Asuka simply hear conversation like Shadow do, and make him talk because she is important. Nail. This one.

MILICA Is she important, Madame Asuka?

AGATA I do not know. I never assume someone is important, but I never assume they are not. Other lady, I am not even sure she is Kindred. Maybe just Carthian lover-pet.

MILICA Oh, ‘Gata.

AGATA I will need good outfit. Serious. Old. Black. For Prince first impression.

MILICA Yes, ‘Gata.

AGATA Mili’.

MILICA Yes, ‘Gata?

AGATA Remember about fear.

MILICA Fear is like a freezing lake.

AGATA Jump in, wake up.

MILICA Swim until your senses are alert, then get out.

Tags: agata, roleplay
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