Coverpage (primroseport) wrote,

Evening Routine 4

AGATA Third time you yawn in my face!


AGATA Stop this.

MILICA I’m sorry. I’m awake now.

AGATA No you are not. You not sleep?

MILICA I got enough sleep. Pucker up. Let’s try this burgundy. I think with the black tiered dress, it’ll just pop.

AGATA How much hour you sleep?

MILICA Oh, I’m fine, thank you.

AGATA How much, Mili’?

MILICA Six hours.


MILICA In two days?

AGATA Mili’.

MILICA I’m fine, I promise! Soon as you go to bed, I’ll catch up.

AGATA Yes, or you crash car like you do in Romania because you fall asleep. Your eye all dark and fat. Why? You have not done very much for me in past night.

MILICA Oh, it’s not that. I just can’t sleep.


MILICA No. I guess I’m worried. About Ms. Sokolov.

AGATA It is not your job to worry.

MILICA I know.

AGATA Your job is to be useful, and make me look like lady, and not yawn in my face every ten second.

MILICA I’m sorry.

AGATA What Ms. Sokolov see... cannot be changed. I cannot erase memory like Lord.

MILICA Did she really see it? I mean, clearly?

AGATA I do not know, but after what Mister Nail do to her, and what she see in Jamaica Bay, she would be complete idiot not to understand. Probably she does not know what I am, but she must know my prey is human. Why this face?

MILICA I’m scared!

AGATA No one will come take you again. I say, no one will come take you.

MILICA I believe you. You know best.

AGATA She is not enemy. It is like she say before. We are what we are. We are friend, but we are what we are. There is more danger from my own kind with their Tradition and Law. It is never claw or sword that almost kill me, but Law and politic.

MILICA That’s what scares me! They’ll find out and come looking for us.

AGATA Let them come. People have always come to my house with blade and gun to drag me out and take what is mine. Go live on high mountain and hide your house in cloud, and still civilization will knock on your door and say you have broken old law and must bleed. This is nothing new. This story old like rock. Let them come. I am ready. [...] You do not yawn, now.

MILICA I guess I’m too scared too.

AGATA I am beautiful?

MILICA Yes, all done.

AGATA Go to bed.

MILICA Really?

AGATA I do not need you tonight. Go to bed.

MILICA Thank you, ‘Gata!

Tags: agata, roleplay
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