Coverpage (primroseport) wrote,

Evening Routine 3

MILICA You don't like it.

AGATA The arm.

MILICA The sleeves are too drapey? I can fix that.

AGATA Too much here.

MILICA The cut is a little low. But it's very classy. Well, maybe 'very classy' is pushing it.

AGATA Send back.

MILICA Okay. Can I keep it?

AGATA No. We are poor.

MILICA Yes, 'Gata.

AGATA Enough with this. Have you found Mister Nail on Internet Network?

MILICA I'm sorry. I need more information.

AGATA Useless Network.

MILICA You could maybe ask him for his email next time you see him?

AGATA He does not even know how to use cellular phone. He is like me. He has girl to show him modern machine.


AGATA This remind me. I break cellular phone.


AGATA I throw in lake.

MILICA Oh, 'Gata.

AGATA Get me new one, Mili'.

MILICA Yes, 'Gata.

AGATA Mister Nail is idiot. He should know not to attack Ms. Sokolov because she is so strong, but he still wish to help his pride.

MILICA To sooth his ego?

AGATA Nail and his stupid list. I am probably on this list, now, because I am friend with Ms. Sokolov. Bah, do not make this scared puppy face. He is not first Savage I ever meet, and not last. I am not afraid of one Gangrel, even big one like him with more arm than brain, but I am afraid of his Bruja Brother. Sakari should be more afraid, too. There could be coterie ambush. But she is extremely stubborn.

MILICA Is she really a bear?

AGATA She is ice skater, model, lady, and bear. Bear part make her very stubborn. Every bear I have met is stubborn, because they are stronger than everything else. Why should it be different with people who are bear? And there is other one bear-person in city, also.

MILICA There is?

AGATA That is my guess. I see two bear together, and this one is her mate.


AGATA Sakari! Big liar, this one. 'I only hunt alone.' Feh. She does not wish to hunt with me. It is...

MILICA It's her loss!

AGATA It is her loss.

MILICA What are you going to do?

AGATA I do not care. She can hunt with her bear mate. It is probably safer for both of us. Keep our two Masquerade safe. Now, I must find Mister Nail and tell him what she said, and we will see if these two have battle. Two most stubborn people! Bear and biker.

MILICA And if they do battle?

AGATA Bah. You talk too much. I want new phone tonight. Go!

MILICA Yes, 'Gata!

AGATA Thank you, Mili'.
Tags: agata, roleplay
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