Coverpage (primroseport) wrote,

Evening Routine 2

MILICA Hold still, please.

AGATA There is tie in my hair.

MILICA A knot. There's a knot in your hair.

AGATA There is knot in my hair.

MILICA I'll brush it out in a sec. Were you running around in Jamaica Bay again?

AGATA No. I am not sure if I should return.

MILICA Because of the...?

AGATA If stranger who is not Kindred come into Elysium, she would not be tolerated for very long.

MILICA So, they have Elysiums?

AGATA How should I know this? But it is gathering place for them. Ms. Sokolov say she see me in Jamaica Bay. I am sure she is one of them. Maybe wolf. Maybe bear. Not bird. She is not like bird, like me.

MILICA My god! You think she could be a giant bear?

AGATA She fight off Nail and his friend. They are pack hunting and try to bite her, but she chase them off.

MILICA Two of them?

AGATA One very large Gangrel, the other I do not know, but Kindred.

MILICA But that's just--

AGATA --Continue!


AGATA No regular woman is this strong. No regular woman is in restricted area of Jamaica Bay when I am there. This is very delicate situation. This correct word, 'delicate'?

MILICA Mmhm, it's a perfect word.

AGATA This is delicate situation. Little Fox Karl know what I am, or has very good guess. He is with these other half-animal. Ms. Sokolov has seen me. Probably she see my fang, or Karl tell her. She has seen Nail trying to bite her.

MILICA So she knows what you are.

AGATA Or has very good guess.

MILICA The First!

AGATA Do not lecture me about Masquerade, girl.


AGATA Orsola deal with these half-animal. Why can I not do it also? We do not have to discuss what we are to deal with each other. I do not think she will admit directly what she is. Perhaps they also have half-animal Masquerade.

MILICA But what about the other Kin--

AGATA --I have survived long time following my instinct, and I never bring human attention on me. I do not need to ask other Kindred what to do and where to go. Orsola did not ask this Prince or that Prince if she could talk to half-animal and make agreement about where to travel. And what is difference between true, savage Gangrel like me and these half-animal? What is difference, when Orsola spend half her life in shape of lynx, and steal dog body, and command bird flock like air force? Maybe Ventrue or Daeva is not like Karl Laidlow, but me? I am true Gangrel from Carpathian wilderness. I am less human even than other Kindred. Who can say that I am not also half-animal? Who can say that Gangrel and half-animal are not cousin?

MILICA When you put it that way...

AGATA Ms. Sokolov is respectful. She say she claim Central Park, but she does not challenge me for passage or feeding there. She did not challenge me for passage to Jamaica Bay. This is delicate situation, but it is not any more delicate than fucking Kindred court.

MILICA You're right, 'Gata.

AGATA Of course I am right.

MILICA Brush, 'Gata?

Tags: agata, roleplay
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