Coverpage (primroseport) wrote,

Evening Routine 1

MILICA Which reminds me, a girl came in today with the most darling dress, really just lovely. Fresh and bold, but not too young or obnoxious. Thing is, it was this kind of washed-out orange? Which, I don’t need to say how much that wouldn’t do your skin tone any favors, but I was thinking I could probably make that from memory, and anyway she’s planning to come back for--

AGATA You hurt me.

MILICA I’m sorry! I wasn’t paying attention. I’m so sorry.

AGATA Continue.

MILICA “You are hurting me.”


MILICA You wanted me to fix your English. It’s “You are hurting me.”

AGATA You pester me.


AGATA Continue. Tell me story.

MILICA OK, so. Just, this dress she had is just perfect for you, and I think she has an appointment to see Christie, so I’ll make sure to be there so--

AGATA I see ghost witch in forest.

MILICA I’m sorry?

AGATA There is ghost of old hermit lady in forest, and stupid American teenager insult her to see if she will attack them. One of them was Russian, and very sophisticated lady--she should know better. I am very disappointed in her.

MILICA Of course!

AGATA But she is strong and survive ghost attack, so for this reason I am not so disappointed. She is not like normal woman. Normal woman are afraid of me.

MILICA Like I was.

AGATA Other people are afraid of her.

MILICA My God. Do you think she’s...?

AGATA I am not sure. I think, no. She is always so pink and healthy, and she always sweat and smell like woman.

MILICA What if she’s like...?

AGATA Maybe. I am little bit worried she and some people she know are like the Enemy from Belgrade. Continue! I will be late.

MILICA Sorry! Please tilt your head.

AGATA I do not think she is Enemy. I will keep watching her. There are other one with dangerous feeling, like predator, but without Beast, and they do not react to me like Mister Nail. Also there is Karl Laidlow.

MILICA The fox guy?

AGATA He is like those one I meet in Carpathian pass, but different.

MILICA So you don’t think he’s a Savage anymore? What if they figure out--?

AGATA You will visit Central Park often during day and watch for these people. I bring you photograph of Ms. Sakari Sokolov. You be good spy and do not get caught.

MILICA Do you want me to spy on their--

AGATA Do nothing, say nothing, stay far away. Just see if they walk in day.

MILICA Yes, ‘Gata.


MILICA Yes, ‘Gata?

AGATA You are done?

MILICA Just about.

AGATA Continue.

MILICA “Are you done?”


MILICA I’m sorry, nevermind.
Tags: agata, roleplay
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