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April 2012 - primroseport
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by primroseport:

03:01 pm: 1 On the Origin of "The Big Apple" and New Friends
03:02 pm: 2 On the Proper Way to Sink in Tar Pits
03:03 pm: 3 If Someone Should Plant a Dagger in Your Ribs, Thank Them for the Gift and Keep It.
03:04 pm: 4 Heat Capacity
03:05 pm: 5 Lie in the Deepest Pit and Drink Your Fill
03:06 pm: 6 We Created Them from Sticky Clay
03:07 pm: 7 How Your Pendalum Swings
03:08 pm: 8 Renewing the Contract
03:10 pm: 9 Back at the Table, or How to Punish Your Demons with Hard Work and Sex Metaphors
03:11 pm: 10 Ode to Black Earth
03:12 pm: 11 The Mind as Spume, the Body as Knower