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The Primrose Portfolio
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Monday, November 28th, 2011

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Evening Routine 1
MILICA Which reminds me, a girl came in today with the most darling dress, really just lovely. Fresh and bold, but not too young or obnoxious. Thing is, it was this kind of washed-out orange? Which, I don’t need to say how much that wouldn’t do your skin tone any favors, but I was thinking I could probably make that from memory, and anyway she’s planning to come back for--

AGATA You hurt me.

MILICA I’m sorry! I wasn’t paying attention. I’m so sorry.

AGATA Continue.

MILICA “You are hurting me.”


MILICA You wanted me to fix your English. It’s “You are hurting me.”

AGATA You pester me.


AGATA Continue. Tell me story.

MILICA OK, so. Just, this dress she had is just perfect for you, and I think she has an appointment to see Christie, so I’ll make sure to be there so--

AGATA I see ghost witch in forest.

MILICA I’m sorry?

AGATA There is ghost of old hermit lady in forest, and stupid American teenager insult her to see if she will attack them. One of them was Russian, and very sophisticated lady--she should know better. I am very disappointed in her.

MILICA Of course!

AGATA But she is strong and survive ghost attack, so for this reason I am not so disappointed. She is not like normal woman. Normal woman are afraid of me.

MILICA Like I was.

AGATA Other people are afraid of her.

MILICA My God. Do you think she’s...?

AGATA I am not sure. I think, no. She is always so pink and healthy, and she always sweat and smell like woman.

MILICA What if she’s like...?

AGATA Maybe. I am little bit worried she and some people she know are like the Enemy from Belgrade. Continue! I will be late.

MILICA Sorry! Please tilt your head.

AGATA I do not think she is Enemy. I will keep watching her. There are other one with dangerous feeling, like predator, but without Beast, and they do not react to me like Mister Nail. Also there is Karl Laidlow.

MILICA The fox guy?

AGATA He is like those one I meet in Carpathian pass, but different.

MILICA So you don’t think he’s a Savage anymore? What if they figure out--?

AGATA You will visit Central Park often during day and watch for these people. I bring you photograph of Ms. Sakari Sokolov. You be good spy and do not get caught.

MILICA Do you want me to spy on their--

AGATA Do nothing, say nothing, stay far away. Just see if they walk in day.

MILICA Yes, ‘Gata.


MILICA Yes, ‘Gata?

AGATA You are done?

MILICA Just about.

AGATA Continue.

MILICA “Are you done?”


MILICA I’m sorry, nevermind.
Evening Routine 2
MILICA Hold still, please.

AGATA There is tie in my hair.

MILICA A knot. There's a knot in your hair.

AGATA There is knot in my hair.

MILICA I'll brush it out in a sec. Were you running around in Jamaica Bay again?

AGATA No. I am not sure if I should return.

MILICA Because of the...?

AGATA If stranger who is not Kindred come into Elysium, she would not be tolerated for very long.

MILICA So, they have Elysiums?

AGATA How should I know this? But it is gathering place for them. Ms. Sokolov say she see me in Jamaica Bay. I am sure she is one of them. Maybe wolf. Maybe bear. Not bird. She is not like bird, like me.

MILICA My god! You think she could be a giant bear?

AGATA She fight off Nail and his friend. They are pack hunting and try to bite her, but she chase them off.

MILICA Two of them?

AGATA One very large Gangrel, the other I do not know, but Kindred.

MILICA But that's just--

AGATA --Continue!


AGATA No regular woman is this strong. No regular woman is in restricted area of Jamaica Bay when I am there. This is very delicate situation. This correct word, 'delicate'?

MILICA Mmhm, it's a perfect word.

AGATA This is delicate situation. Little Fox Karl know what I am, or has very good guess. He is with these other half-animal. Ms. Sokolov has seen me. Probably she see my fang, or Karl tell her. She has seen Nail trying to bite her.

MILICA So she knows what you are.

AGATA Or has very good guess.

MILICA The First!

AGATA Do not lecture me about Masquerade, girl.


AGATA Orsola deal with these half-animal. Why can I not do it also? We do not have to discuss what we are to deal with each other. I do not think she will admit directly what she is. Perhaps they also have half-animal Masquerade.

MILICA But what about the other Kin--

AGATA --I have survived long time following my instinct, and I never bring human attention on me. I do not need to ask other Kindred what to do and where to go. Orsola did not ask this Prince or that Prince if she could talk to half-animal and make agreement about where to travel. And what is difference between true, savage Gangrel like me and these half-animal? What is difference, when Orsola spend half her life in shape of lynx, and steal dog body, and command bird flock like air force? Maybe Ventrue or Daeva is not like Karl Laidlow, but me? I am true Gangrel from Carpathian wilderness. I am less human even than other Kindred. Who can say that I am not also half-animal? Who can say that Gangrel and half-animal are not cousin?

MILICA When you put it that way...

AGATA Ms. Sokolov is respectful. She say she claim Central Park, but she does not challenge me for passage or feeding there. She did not challenge me for passage to Jamaica Bay. This is delicate situation, but it is not any more delicate than fucking Kindred court.

MILICA You're right, 'Gata.

AGATA Of course I am right.

MILICA Brush, 'Gata?

Evening Routine 3
MILICA You don't like it.

AGATA The arm.

MILICA The sleeves are too drapey? I can fix that.

AGATA Too much here.

MILICA The cut is a little low. But it's very classy. Well, maybe 'very classy' is pushing it.

AGATA Send back.

MILICA Okay. Can I keep it?

AGATA No. We are poor.

MILICA Yes, 'Gata.

AGATA Enough with this. Have you found Mister Nail on Internet Network?

MILICA I'm sorry. I need more information.

AGATA Useless Network.

MILICA You could maybe ask him for his email next time you see him?

AGATA He does not even know how to use cellular phone. He is like me. He has girl to show him modern machine.


AGATA This remind me. I break cellular phone.


AGATA I throw in lake.

MILICA Oh, 'Gata.

AGATA Get me new one, Mili'.

MILICA Yes, 'Gata.

AGATA Mister Nail is idiot. He should know not to attack Ms. Sokolov because she is so strong, but he still wish to help his pride.

MILICA To sooth his ego?

AGATA Nail and his stupid list. I am probably on this list, now, because I am friend with Ms. Sokolov. Bah, do not make this scared puppy face. He is not first Savage I ever meet, and not last. I am not afraid of one Gangrel, even big one like him with more arm than brain, but I am afraid of his Bruja Brother. Sakari should be more afraid, too. There could be coterie ambush. But she is extremely stubborn.

MILICA Is she really a bear?

AGATA She is ice skater, model, lady, and bear. Bear part make her very stubborn. Every bear I have met is stubborn, because they are stronger than everything else. Why should it be different with people who are bear? And there is other one bear-person in city, also.

MILICA There is?

AGATA That is my guess. I see two bear together, and this one is her mate.


AGATA Sakari! Big liar, this one. 'I only hunt alone.' Feh. She does not wish to hunt with me. It is...

MILICA It's her loss!

AGATA It is her loss.

MILICA What are you going to do?

AGATA I do not care. She can hunt with her bear mate. It is probably safer for both of us. Keep our two Masquerade safe. Now, I must find Mister Nail and tell him what she said, and we will see if these two have battle. Two most stubborn people! Bear and biker.

MILICA And if they do battle?

AGATA Bah. You talk too much. I want new phone tonight. Go!

MILICA Yes, 'Gata!

AGATA Thank you, Mili'.
Evening Routine 4
AGATA Third time you yawn in my face!


AGATA Stop this.

MILICA I’m sorry. I’m awake now.

AGATA No you are not. You not sleep?

MILICA I got enough sleep. Pucker up. Let’s try this burgundy. I think with the black tiered dress, it’ll just pop.

AGATA How much hour you sleep?

MILICA Oh, I’m fine, thank you.

AGATA How much, Mili’?

MILICA Six hours.


MILICA In two days?

AGATA Mili’.

MILICA I’m fine, I promise! Soon as you go to bed, I’ll catch up.

AGATA Yes, or you crash car like you do in Romania because you fall asleep. Your eye all dark and fat. Why? You have not done very much for me in past night.

MILICA Oh, it’s not that. I just can’t sleep.


MILICA No. I guess I’m worried. About Ms. Sokolov.

AGATA It is not your job to worry.

MILICA I know.

AGATA Your job is to be useful, and make me look like lady, and not yawn in my face every ten second.

MILICA I’m sorry.

AGATA What Ms. Sokolov see... cannot be changed. I cannot erase memory like Lord.

MILICA Did she really see it? I mean, clearly?

AGATA I do not know, but after what Mister Nail do to her, and what she see in Jamaica Bay, she would be complete idiot not to understand. Probably she does not know what I am, but she must know my prey is human. Why this face?

MILICA I’m scared!

AGATA No one will come take you again. I say, no one will come take you.

MILICA I believe you. You know best.

AGATA She is not enemy. It is like she say before. We are what we are. We are friend, but we are what we are. There is more danger from my own kind with their Tradition and Law. It is never claw or sword that almost kill me, but Law and politic.

MILICA That’s what scares me! They’ll find out and come looking for us.

AGATA Let them come. People have always come to my house with blade and gun to drag me out and take what is mine. Go live on high mountain and hide your house in cloud, and still civilization will knock on your door and say you have broken old law and must bleed. This is nothing new. This story old like rock. Let them come. I am ready. [...] You do not yawn, now.

MILICA I guess I’m too scared too.

AGATA I am beautiful?

MILICA Yes, all done.

AGATA Go to bed.

MILICA Really?

AGATA I do not need you tonight. Go to bed.

MILICA Thank you, ‘Gata!

Evening Routine 5

MILICA Nothing.


MILICA Pardon me?

AGATA What do you want?

MILICA I... I don’t want anything!

AGATA You have been silent for ten minute.

MILICA God, am I that obvious?

AGATA I know you.

MILICA I’m, er... I don’t want to annoy you...


MILICA But you seem really preoccupied about something. But it’s not my business.

AGATA Just ask, instead of making this face for ten minute until you force me to ask you what is problem.

MILICA I don’t want to be a pest.

AGATA If you are pest, I tell you.

MILICA Okay. Sorry.


MILICA Sorry! Er, is something wrong?

AGATA I am not sure. Maybe yes, maybe no.

MILICA Trouble with Nails?

AGATA I meet more, last night.

MILICA Oh my god.

AGATA Two lady. Mekhet. One I have seen before, but she did not introduce herself at this time.

MILICA Were they angry?

AGATA It was public. They just give Elysium information, and tell me where not to hunt.

MILICA Are we in trouble?

AGATA I have been hunting in Prince hunting ground.


AGATA Enough, Mili’. Continue. You are taking seven thousand year with make-up.


AGATA I did not know. Probably there is no trouble if I go to Elysium and make introduction. I will maybe pretend to be stupid Gangrel who does not understand prestation. Maybe I will offer boon. I have not decided.


AGATA But Sakari. Yes. Delicate situation.

MILICA What are we going to do?

AGATA This is large city. I spend long time here and nobody come find me until now. Probably two hundred of us. No time for nomad Gangrel, I think. No time to care who my friend is.

MILICA But Mister Nails!

AGATA This one. He pretend not to know where Elysium is. Does not tell me about Madame Asuka or Alex-Whatever-Her-Name-Is, but tell them who I am. Or Asuka simply hear conversation like Shadow do, and make him talk because she is important. Nail. This one.

MILICA Is she important, Madame Asuka?

AGATA I do not know. I never assume someone is important, but I never assume they are not. Other lady, I am not even sure she is Kindred. Maybe just Carthian lover-pet.

MILICA Oh, ‘Gata.

AGATA I will need good outfit. Serious. Old. Black. For Prince first impression.

MILICA Yes, ‘Gata.

AGATA Mili’.

MILICA Yes, ‘Gata?

AGATA Remember about fear.

MILICA Fear is like a freezing lake.

AGATA Jump in, wake up.

MILICA Swim until your senses are alert, then get out.


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