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The Primrose Portfolio
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Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

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Tollerian Letters 3
My Youngest One,

Dianna tells me you seem to be taking full advantage of the stability and the sobriety of Richmond. She goes on to say that a crippling fear has taken root in you, and that she intends to wrench it free. You should feel honored to be the object of her attention, even if said attention is more a condemnation of me as a sire and prince than as any real familial fondness. All the same, do not disappoint her.

I did like the news about her priceless furniture being destroyed, however. More of that--that is amusing.

Here, domestic affairs are returning slowly to normalcy. Claire ran back to Banhart’s arms shortly after you went away. No doubt emboldened by his tenacious possession of such a rare beauty, he decided to try his hand at verbally sparring with me in Elysium, as if somehow her sparing him a passing interest suggests that I do not have supremacy in my own city. I proceeded, in full view of those gathered, including our heroine, to methodically dismantle not only his feeble, wrong-headed arguments, but also his much-professed neutrality and affectations of wisdom and good breeding. I may have, in Grace’s words, “Laid it on a bit thick”, but it was satisfying to watch his pride deflate. You’ll find him a diminished man in my presence, henceforth. Claire, to her credit, embarrassed by his weakness, returned to me--which is to say, to us.

You will be pleased to learn that justice has been done, insofar as justice can be done when such misfortune strikes. Madame Heinemanne made good on her promise to “clean house”, and there is no one left alive who so much as smirked at the news of an upstanding fledgling childe of the princes being brutalized. Though it was a small knot of rotten wood in otherwise healthy lumber, she is a woman who understand thoroughness and went to impressive lengths to rid her covenant of those in power who should have been aware of the rot in their midst.

I do hope what you suffered will not too permanently taint your impression of the First Estate. They are still recovering from the staggering blow I dealt them when you were a ghoul, and Kindred of true Quality are not easy to find. Stephanie and I are working on building an Estate worth its name, one that will manage the affairs as only the Invictus can. When you think of the Invictus, think of Stephanie Heinemanne and Dianna.

And now I must close by regrettably informing you that visiting Richmond will be impossible this year for me. But you will tell me all about it, n’est pas?

Your Loving Father-Sire,


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