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Sunday, July 4th, 2010

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K: Narratives
Eagle Scout, Beguiling Jewel, Bright Eyes

I have an important project for you all.

We've learned of around twenty-five hunters operating in the city in five small cells, probably independent of each other. Three of them are loosely organized and poorly funded. These we'll clean up soon enough. But two cells are serious. Militant, driven, armed, and organized. Here's where it gets interesting.

One of the cells is an Aryan biker gang. They go by the name of the White Watchdogs. We don't know who leads them, but their names are Clyde Dixon, Pat Sconson, Willy Atkinson, Jenny Burkotz, Pete Hillard, and Emily Parks. They operate out of South Row and Butcher's Block. They're affiliated with First Aryan Church of Centerville, but we don't yet know where any of them live.

The other cell go by the name of Jessop’s Few. They are: Jessop Aknam, Debne Slatum, Mojiq Masne, and Danriq Fuller, at least. They're seen in the Southwestern side of Carcosa, in and around Little Ethiopia, connected to the African Baptist Episcopal Zion Church.

Both groups are smart enough not to discuss anything in public.

Here's where you come in. Edward, you're in charge of this operation. The goal is to turn these two against each other, which shouldn't be too hard, and possibly to get them imprisoned. We'll begin with rumors and propaganda. Bring Canny Mouse and Timothy in on this; their familiarity with the churches in Carcosa will be useful.

The narrative I want constructed has two layers. In the inner layer, the Aryans consider everyone their enemy, Kindred and non-white human alike, and are selling out minorities to their new moneyed and powerful friends (Us, though this should be obscure, a message meant only for the Zionists, not for public consumption.) On the flip-side, the Zionists suspect the Aryans are backed by us, and they're getting itchy to do something about it.

The outer layer of the narrative is that the Aryans are... well, Aryans, and they've been trying to bring back human slavery. The Zionists are US-hating, white-hating terrorists.

Jessie is running the physical and infiltration side of this operation. We stick to propaganda for now. Layla is using her position as Evening Programming Manager at the station to insert a filler piece about the rise of racially-charged terrorist militias in Carcosa. She's to be treated as one of us. Her domitor is gone and I've taken her. (Krista, take a deep breath. I know you.)

Julie, my suggestion is that you do any flyering that needs to happen in Little Ethiopia, for obvious reasons. Attached is a document I've cooked up. Otherwise do as Edward devises. Krista, don't forget, you're gorgeous. This makes you stand out. Think about that, OK? Delegate. Make someone else show his/her face if that'll serve the plan better.

Start now. Hit the streets, the Internet, whatever. Get the messages out. We'll touch base soon.



"Here's something you won't hear on the news. Those White Pride Christians who tear around Butcher's Block on Harleys? They're trying to bring black slavery. For real. Already tried to sell a couple of black hookers in Little Ethiopia, really truly sell them. Their master plan is to fund a war against everything that's not pure, and that means everything. I guess they have new friends with a lot of money and a lot of interest in slavery. I heard one of them, Emily, saying sometimes you have to make a deal with devils if you wanna fight with the angels."

"Stay outta Africa. That neighborhood’s getting a little ‘iffy’ for whites. My nephew goes to a church there, he says behind the scenes something serious is going down. They’re like a straight-up terrorist cell, down with the USA and all that. Apparently they have enough weapons stockpiled to start World War III and win. They’re getting jumpy about launching Phase One before the Feds catch on, and they wanna make an example out of Neo Nazis. Remind me why I’m still living in this shithole of a city?”

Brother, Sister, Child of Africa
Are You Sick and Tired Enough Yet?

What is Zionism to the Children of Africa and Ancient Israel?

Zionism is self-determination and the ENDLESS pursuit of a sovereign homeland.

Zionism is an escape from the exile of the GHETTO, the exile of DISCRIMINATION.

Zionism is a rejection of the diaspora that SEPARATES one Child of Africa from another.

Zionism is an ASCENT to a place where individual and national GROWTH can happen.

Zionism is a return to THE LORD GOD.

But isn’t Zionism for Jews?ContinuedCollapse )

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