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The Primrose Portfolio
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Monday, June 21st, 2010

Time Event
K 18: Canis Majoris
Today, June 20th, 20__

Nickname: Cassiopeiae
Chatroom: Hyades
Password: **********

You have entered chatroom “Hyades”.

Users Present: Betelgeuse, Antares, starchyld

starchyld: hi Cass!

Antares: Welcome, Tiffany.

Cassiopeiae: Hi

starchyld: are we ready to start?

Antares: Joon’s AFK. Give him a minute.

Cassiopeiae: Start what, exactly?

starchyld: start the meeting…

Cassiopeiae: Since when do we have meetings here?

Cassiopeiae: How long have you been meeting here?

Antares: Just a few times.

Cassiopeiae: The whole purpose of meeting in one place is so we’re all on the same page. If you meet here too and don’t invite everyone, that’s being on different pages

Antares: It’s not a meeting, Tiffany. It’s just to tie up loose ends.

Cassiopeiae: Zula, this has been agreed upon

Antares: Yes, we’ve agreed that the meetings at the John Brower center are good but sometimes things come up that can be taken care of online.

Cassiopeiae: No meetings without all Sophomores present. You were there when we went over this

starchyld: damn guys....

Antares: Excellent. We’re all here; we’re just waiting for Joon.

Cassiopeiae: Kenneth isn’t here, Zula

Antares: I’ll fill him in. Or you will. Don’t you think you’re overreacting?

Cassiopeiae: The only reason I even found out about this is because Paula let it slip

starchyld: ehhhh sorry people, I didn’t mean to cause shit…

Antares: It’s not your fault, Paula.

Cassiopeiae: What is she doing here anyway? No offense, Paula, but this is irregular

Cassiopeiae: We have these rules for a reason

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