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The Primrose Portfolio
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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

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KW 10: Lord the thought of me sickens me
Lord the thought of me sickens me
Lord the sight of me disgusts me
Lord the sound of me repels me

Lord I bring me to nausea
Lord I bring me to rage
Lord I swoon with shame
Lord, I find delight in my own suffering, Lord,
As only a hedonist can

Lord I am too low a servant
Lord I have grown complacent
Lord I affect a faith too perfect
Lord I dine on my own pride

Lord I dine on gifts and grace
Lord I dine on ash with glee
Lord I heave it on the ground
Lord I eat it up again

Lord I lay me down to sleep
Lord I know I am absolved
Lord I will awakened changed
Lord, please forgive me this self-loathing, Lord,
And indulge it just tonight
KW 11: Kenneth’s History of Carcosa
In the Blood-Dimmed Past

• Experiment by the Carthians to buck Josephine of Arundell’s rule. Gabriel Williams, leader of the Ordo Dracul, participates in the Carthian experiment. The experiment fails.
• Kenneth ghouled.
• Dragons conduct kidnappings and vivisections.
• Kenneth Embraced.

Disintegration of the Ordo Dracul

• Arthur Werte, Ordo Dracul, threatens then-Herald Harman Scofield with death, then flees city.
• Julian Bishop, Ordo Dracul, arrested for attempting to steal cars.
• Williams’ childe, Jessica Price, arrested for starting a fight.
• Williams, Werte, and Bishop fail to pay debts.
• Bishop defies court order.

Josephine and Harman form House Balfourianae

• Ordo Dracul dissolved by Prince Harman at his first court and distributed to remaining covenants.

The Time of the Livian Haunts

• Adrian White, Invictus, childe of Josephine, has been sole member of church.
• Michael arrives, does nothing.
• Kenneth begins his Sanctified education.
• Constance LeFortescue and Levant LeSoleil, both Nosferatu, arrive from Virginia Beach to seek a Legate rumored to be in Carcosa, and to start a ministry. They make a very poor introduction.
• Michael holds sermons in Elysium.
• The church, later to be known as the church of Saint Rose, undergoes rebuilding and renovation under the direction of the Nosferatu pair, with substantial help from Adrian White. It is called Atrum Maiestas.
• The Nosferatu pair and Caleb White, Carthian, childe of Josephine, clash.
• Delilah arrives, becomes lovers with Harman.
• Michael flees, failing to pay substantial debt.
• Church holds meeting to determine priest. Constance and Delilah clash. Constance chosen and anointed.
• Levant’s title of Inquisitor revealed and called into question by Delilah, Adrian, and Kenneth.
• Kenneth undergoes Creation Rite. Constance uses blood scourge on Josephine as part of the rite.
• Court learns Levant is an Inquistor. Levant pressured into resigning the post.
• Levant rapes then-Crone Vanessa Miriza to convert her.
• Constance engages in Crone rituals.
• The Nosferatu pair, revealed to be Livian heretics in all likelihood, are torpored or killed.

Josephine goes into eclipse.

The Rise of the Lancea Sanctum

• Delilah anointed as priest, attended by Kenneth and Adrian White.
• The Church is further improved with financial help from Zarko Subodic. The underground is constructed. Delilah consecrates the space, and Kenneth aligns it geomantically. Christopher Berger is a regular presence in the church.
• Delilah and Kenneth hold regular discussions, and group hunts begin, led by Delilah. Confession and consul become more common.
• Delilah rebuffs Acolyte Desirae’s acts of bleeding and ritual casting in Elysium
• Trajan Ciccone arrives.
• Trajan constructs gym. Under direction of the priest, Trajan and Kenneth evangelize extensively. Jessie and Christoph Berger grow closer to the church.
• The ceremony of Saint Monachus, held by Delilah, attended by Kenneth, Trajan, Ezra Li, and Adam Pierce, childe of Delilah.
• The Church is renamed to The Church of Saint Rose.
• Absolution made law in Carcosa.

The Time of Enemies and Violence

• Harman, the Despot, challenges the church.
• Trajan becomes Paladin.
• Harman betrays the location of the eclipsed Josephine.
• Harman attacks Delilah, she defends herself, killing him. Josephine wakes and kills Delilah.

Josephine begins blood tithes, allowing the church to manage reliquary production to facilitate subjects’ tithes.

• Trajan defends church against hateful, aggressive Crones Heirleifr and Oliver.
• Trajan, Jessie, Christoph, and Kenneth heed a call to bloodhunt three anarchs. Trajan is instrumental in convincing Josephine not to give them Final Death. They are shipped away to be re-educated.

Josephine makes Trajan, Vanessa Miriza, and Christoph Berger regents

• Kenneth Damns Samantha Wellborne.
• Josephine murdered by mages who open a portal to the sun in her bedroom. Trajan severely injured in the attack.

The Sanctification of Carcosa

• Trajan begins to set up his praxis among the other former-regents and their vassals.
• Vanessa Miriza, now an Invictus Paide, and Trajan hold a eulogy for Josephine of Arundell. Vanessa, Trajan, and Kenneth of Arundell speak.
• Mother Aisling arrives.
• A meeting is held in the Church of Saint Rose declaring Trajan’s praxis and announcing Expectations, land rights, functions, and parish standing.

First Official Meeting Held by His Grace Trajan

Land rights

 Kenneth of Arundell will be granted Ecclesia as rights for the Arundell line
 Ethan Vance of Arundell will be granted Butcher's Block
 Vanessa Miriza will lay claim to the territories of Starkhorn Heights and the Amptons.
 Zarko Subodic will be granted Hanover Wards
 Jordan Hill will be granted temporary claim to Pappelbon Row
 Oceanfront I will grant to Christoph Berger
 Boomerang Way will exist as a territory claimed by the Lancea Sanctum


 The Seneschal and Master of Elysium will be Vanessa Miriza
 The Sheriff will be Ethan Vance
 The Scourge will be Jessie
 The Primogen will be Megan Juliette, Christoph Berger and a Sanctified as yet to be named.


“I believe Vanessa Miriza to be valued to Carcosa for all of her efforts she's put in. As Primogen, Christoph Berger is of some recognized note to me at this time, as well as Kenneth and the anointed Aisling and Ethan Vance. The rest of you, present here, I would like to see more of, to see what you are capable of.”

• Legate Cameron sent from Richmond to investigate and anoint Trajan.
• Trajan anointed as Archbishop

Recent Nights

• Kenneth holds celebration of Saint Pazit. Mother Aisling performs Purification on Kenneth.
• Carthians hold debate in Elysium which falls into chaos. Megan Juliette behaves poorly.
• Juliette discovered trying to plot Vanessa Miriza’s death.

• Trajan holds Midnight Mass.

First Midnight Mass


 Reminder that knowing Latin is required. Call-and-response explained.
 Harman declared Despot, compared to Nephele
 Delilah compared to the Monachus and canonized. Day of her death: May 22nd; day of her celebration: June 22nd.


 Reminder that primogens need to advise His Grace on a regular basis
 Megan Juliette outlawed. None may speak her name kindly.


 Mother Aisling made Bishop

• Christopher Berger leaves the Invictus to become Sanctified
• Jessie undergoes Creation Rite, enduring hot coals and proving his knowledge and desire to join the community.
• Samantha Wellborne proves unfit. Her sire Kenneth reclaims her blood.

KW 12: A Compilation of the Secrets of Witchery
A Ritual, and the Hierarchy of the Witch


Acolyte females (and males?) can give "birth", creating "new life" (homonculi?). The process may be painful, and the spawn is "terrible to behold" (physically horrible, it seems). It exists for some time, though whether it is immortal or everlasting is unclear. Speculation: A "Mother" and "Father" are present for the birth, though whether this is meant purely in the hierarchical (1) sense or whether any female and male can mock these roles is unknown. (2)


(1) By hierarchical, I'm referring to the manner in which Crones organize themselves. See below.

(2) Alistair Bolton is eager to see this through and was the source of this information.

Acolyte Hierarchy

After embrace, a female witch is called a Maiden. She remains one until she kills. She is watched and protected, considered steadfast and pure. If she remains a Maiden long into her requiem, she is seen as a paragon of strength because she always took the hard path.

A Maiden who kills becomes a Whore or Scarlet Woman. Rebel, independent, and free. (1)

A Whore may become a Mother. Nurture, care, guidance. She is concerned for her covenant mates and encourages them. (2)

A female who is too old to subsist on mortal blood is a Crone. Death, end of cycle. She cares for her circle by rooting out heresy and dealing with enemies.

A new male witch is a Fool. Chaos and trickery, to counter the Maiden. If he stays a fool for a long time, he can learn from his mistakes and tricks and become wise and highly valued.

A Fool who kills becomes a Hero, though this term is not romantic and implies darkness and confusion. Wisdom, valor, and strength.

A Hero may become a Father. Responsibility, ruler, strict and harsh, countering the Mother's care. Challenge, not guidance. Structure and foundation. (3)

A male who feeds only on Kindred vitae is a Hermit. His domain is information. He "watches from outside" and answers the questions of those who come to him. It is unclear what "outside" means. (4)

(1) Desirae is a Whore? This is speculation.

(2) Isabel was a Mother.

(3) Alistair is a Father.

(4) Isabel was the source of this information.


Cruac, Its Nature, Its Rituals, and A Perspective

The Nature of Cruac Witchery

Pagans are brutal Kindred. They believe in blood sacrifice and magic they claim comes from gods older than the universe itself. There is no uniformity of belief, unlike the creeds of the Lancea Sanctum. The only common thing among acolytes would be the fact that they spill blood when they pray.

Cruac does, in fact, require the spilling of blood, and, it must be the witch's vitae.

Cruac, in and of itself, does not degenerate the Kindred who uses it, but it sometimes requires cruelty to cast. Acolytes may sacrifice something precious to their gods. What lengths an Acolyte will go to in order to please their gods varies widely. They will kill to gain favor from their gods, or do other deeds of envy and greed, and it is these deeds which corrupt the Acolyte. An example would be slaughtering a church-full of innocents to collect their blood for a chalice.

Crone retainers are referred to as Votaries. They are servants who aid in the witch's practice. Typically, they are not killed because they are useful.


"Most rituals performed are for protection of some kind. The things you already know are most of what I know as well. I never knew the magic beyond it's most basic levels."


This ritual allows the witch to spy by "spiritually" following someone around for a period of time usually lasting only a night or so.

Touch of the Morrigan

This brutal ritual involves the witch burning others with her touch. It is like being struck by lightning in terms of the damage and pain.

Unnamed Rituals

* Rituals for instilling "will" into the witch, for when she is utterly exhausted. "It requires an understanding of adversity, and confidence within it."

* Rituals to inflict a Kindred with a false feeling of starvation.

A Perspective

"Acolytes believe in the Crone whom they call the mother of all things, and 'the Beginning and the End, Alpha and Omega,' just as God calls himself in Revelations. So why must Pagans believe erroneously in ancestors instead of in God Himself? The one true God. Pagans only call themselves Pagan because they want to be wild. I believed in those many gods. I shed my blood and murdered God's precious creatures to give thanks to those gods. Took from one man to give to another, as it were. The magic didn't [did? Source later contradicts him/herself] ] stop working once I started believing in them as ancestors rather than gods. I felt lied to, like it was all a sham. They believe in their gods as strongly and faithfully as you do."

"I couldn't practice anymore once I stopped truly believing that my ancestors were capable of blessing me with anything. You must believe with your whole being that they're real in order to effectively practice Cruac. It's not a half-belief, or a maybe. It has to be as real to an Acolyte as you and I sitting beside each other. When you stop believing in anything, it stops becoming true. The faithless would be surprised by how much of our capabilities come from simple faith that it is."

"It is godless what they do. But you could argue that everything we are able to do is a gift from God. Maybe it's from Satan that Acolytes draw their power."

"I don't consider [my requiem] a waste. It brought me to this. And I happen to believe it was all part of God's plan for me. Sometimes we can't see what is in front of our eyes. We have to go the long way around to get back to the center."
KW 13: Ex-Cruc-iation
Lord in Heaven, above your dark world

Lord in Heaven, above your dark world

I am so afraid of the coming penance

I am so afraid of the coming penance

That I can think of nothing else

I am not writing in verse

This is not poetry

It only looks like poetry because every time I think

Every time I think

Every time I think

I have to keep starting over because every time I think

Every thought is arrested, supplanted, by the image glued below

The stream of my thoughts are a constant enjambment around

That image

Someone snipped my thoughts up and spliced in a library of

That image

Lord in Heaven, above your dark world

I am so afraid of the coming penance

I want ketamine, an overdose of ketamine. I want a K hole to outer space. I'm sorry, there isn't enough ketamine in the world for my requirements at this time. Call back when they build a mining truck big enough for the Special K it will take to diffuse my mind to a membrane one atom thick through which the world permeates without resistance and with no evidence of its passing. Call back when they build a crude oil tanker large enough for the K it will take to send my soul on a silver safety cord down to the floor of the Mariana Trench to lie there in the death-grip of water pressure under a bioluminescent blanket in the shadow of a canyon black and steep that outstrips vision into ultraviolet haze yet still is dwarfed by the feet of God.

Call back when my skin is on again, would you?

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