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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

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Maintaining Geomantic Alignment
Maintaining Geomantic Alignment

This article assumes the reader understands the basics of local (particularly interior) geomancy, or “aligning”. For further information, please consult with fellow Sanctified.


A geomantically aligned area will steadily come out of alignment in the absence of regular maintenance. Let us call this tendency towards disarray “entropy”. Several different factors appear to contribute to geomantic entropy. The most directly observable cause is basic use of the room and its furnishings by occupants. Obviously, an effect that relies on the precise spatial arrangement of objects with respect to each other and to the surfaces of an area will be dampened by the disarrangement of those objects, but one must keep in mind that even miniscule, virtually undetectable changes can devastate geomantic alignment as these changes accumulate. Nightly use of the pews, however gentle and respectful, will, over time, bring them out of alignment, thus canceling alignment throughout the room. Wear-and-tear and defects in building material, design, and construction, comprise a gradual disintegration of a structure which cannot be ignored.

Even were all objects bolted and fastened securely into place—a condition which this author feels is antithetical to geomancy—less obvious sources of disarray exist in abundance. For example, the regular heating and cooling of the Earth every twenty-for hours produces stress in land and structures, as matter expands and shrinks, rises and settles. These temperature fluctuations, which we hear as creakings and bumps in houses at night, contribute to the erosion of mountains and are the engine that drives heavy rocks across deserts millimeter by millimeter, leaving strange tracks. It is no surprise, then, that they can wreak havoc on the fragile arrangements of geomancy. Another source of entropy, which needs no explanation, are the innumerable tiny local earthquakes and the reverberations of distant earthquakes propagating through the planet. In fact, all tectonic action may play a minute but important role in increasing entropy.

But the geomancer has other, less local forces to deal with. It is likely that planetary rotation and revolution, as well as the gravitational tug of the Moon, constitute sources of entropy that could never be canceled in even the most isolated, vibration-proof and temperature-controlled environment. Over time, geomantic alignment will necessarily fail, and what was perfect and proper will be ordinary and crude once again. Without a doubt, the Fount of Creation, from Which all divided and to Which all will return, which is GOD our Lord, has designed Creation in this way, so that regardless of our resourcefulness and ingenuity, we must never grow lax and complacent with the gifts IT has given us, and must renew our covenant with IT and perform the necessary adjustments according to the rituals passed down by the Spear Keepers, rituals which are a geometric description of what is good and sacred.


The geomancer, or whoever is tasked with maintaining alignment in the church, should follow this procedure every three or four weeks. One complete and thorough act of maintenance per lunar cycle should suffice, though maintaining steadily throughout the month is probably also adequate. This author feels that whichever schedule inspires a more religious attitude in the maintainer is the preferred schedule: either frequent small gestures of devotion, or one prolonged and dramatic ceremony.

1. Pray. Geomancy in the name of the Church is neither a science nor a craft, though it may resemble these things in practice. It is a geometrical expression of Longinian devotion to GOD, a conscientious aiming of one’s awareness along holy angles. GOD divided or seemed to divide Creation into many distinct things, and scrupulous attention to the so-called spaces between these things is a study in our separation from one another, and ultimately our separation from IT. Do not confuse science for reality. Science is a process of describing reality at its most shallow strata. It is no accident that the word “fall” is as useful in discussing gravity as it is in describing sin. A fall from grace is not a metaphor derived from observations of gravity. Gravity is a metaphor derived from sin. Before committing yourself to correcting the relationships between surfaces and objects, commit yourself to correcting your relationship with GOD, as cold as it may be.

2. Survey the room, checking for its present arrangement. Begin with salient features (namely, the pews), and work your way to the hanging lights and whatever features may have been added to the walls or floor. Nothing is beneath consideration. All things impinge on all things, and all pebbles make ripples, just as all creatures under GOD, big and small, good and evil, have their role, and no act is meaningless, no being existing only for its own end.

3. Compare the present spatial arrangement with the optimum one. A diagram of the optimum geomantic alignment for the Church of Saint Rose in March in the Year of Our LORD 2010, known as the Graticule, is attached to this article. It was determined thanks to GOD by this author. Refer to it if it is helpful, but know that visual representations are not necessary for the task, and that the Graticule is only a guide, and may become obsolete as the Earth undergoes change and hurtles through Outer Space. Once we have been taught the geometry and accepted its religious significance, alignment and maintenance is possible with our very own senses and minds granted to us by the CREATOR, without need of crutches.

4. Make the necessary changes, as you see fit. Begin with the more salient and massive features, because they will resist subsequent disturbances better than subtler, smaller features, which may go into disarray as soon as you move something more salient. Perform repairs as early as possible. Accord your actions with GOD before every decision. What are your imperfections? How must you change yourself? You are not creating proper angles, you are recognizing the revealed principles already manifest in your environment. Forget this at your own peril.

5. Do not permanently mark surfaces in the hopes of having visual cues with which to mindlessly re-align the church. Referring to the Graticule or some other grid or set of guidelines is fine as a way to compare what you sense with what another has sensed, but do not leave lasting markings on the ground or walls, or anywhere else. Doing so lays bare your laziness and your unwillingness to return to the SOURCE of geomancy, and it betrays your ignorance of your own sanctified role. Every change must pass through your faculties of reason and your faith.

6. Step back often and see the big picture. Do not rely on sight alone to detect the sacred dimensions. Make the necessary changes if something is amiss. It is not unusual for one small change to reveal previously undetected flaws in the alignment. Address these flaws, but do not foolishly seek perfection in your alignment or maintenance. Rituals and ceremony are not where perfection is demanded of you, but in your hunting and your personal conduct, and in your dedication to the mission Longinus received from Vahishtael. Do as you can, and then return to your other duties.

7. Leave a final alteration to the very end, as a kind of “keystone” whose placement signals the end of the ceremony. If you have followed the previous steps adequately, this last change will not significantly upset the alignment. If it does, think carefully about your limitations and your adherence to the will of GOD, and try again. Consult with the resident geomancers or your abbot.

8. Pray again. Thanks be to GOD, the mind travels along proper channels, reason is enhanced, and faith is bolstered. Rejoice!


The Church of Saint Rose
March 2010

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