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The Primrose Portfolio
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Saturday, February 22nd, 2003

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Brandyswill and the Fair-hair [Revised, remixed 2/24/03] [reconverted 3/14/03]
"Out Again"
Inspired by sparrowhills

A nightmare wakes our Brandyswill from sleep
She's tangled in dreadlocks, strangled in the sheets
But underneath the bed lies the noble Fair-hair
Roused by the tossing and the turning up there
He sings her lullabies to quell the fear
Post-apocalyptic songs of cheer
And soon her eyelids ease right down
And Brandyswill is out again, sleeping sound

Out again for a while

When the moon describes its nightly arc
Our Brandyswill protests and writhes in the dark
The crickets chirp, and the bedsprings creak
And the old house settles, and the faucet leaks
But Fair-hair sings some lulling lines
Through the mattress and the pillow, a gentle rhyme
That drifts as though from underground
And Brandyswill is out again, sleeping sound

Out again 'til the morn'

Cigarette smoke and cheap gin fight
In her tortured body again tonight
Hunger gnaws and panic gnashes
And bruises ache like bright blue rashes
Dawn brims on the black horizon
When the Fair-hair starts his song
Melodious murmur beneath the bed
Wafts into her troubled head

And she's out again, sleeping sound
Out again, round and round

Download the song here: http://proxemics.net/lj/outagain192.mp3

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