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The Primrose Portfolio
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Saturday, January 11th, 2003

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Collage: "There's No Place Like a Good Place" (Work in Progress)

"Oh, we're patient, and we're thorough, and we're due to reap the fruit. And we'll end this life surrounded by the roots of Heaven's grove." -Thankless at Dawn

Things to do: Paint "feet" for the temple pillars that meld to the roof of the mansion. Create background between pillars. Merge the two cathedrals with a painted arch. Continue connecting the top left of the Rotunda (daisy-chain of women) with the above cathedral. Find cobbles at the correct angle to complete courtyard. Flare the left end of the Rotunda fence. Paint a richer connection between two-crowned cathedral and temple. Paint seamless connection between mansion and Greek-style building. Find sky graphics for mosaic background. More skeletons. Still more skeletons. Especially skulls.

Never enough skulls.

Current Mood: Triumphant

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