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The Primrose Portfolio
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Thursday, June 28th, 2001

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Trnscrpt on zombified human subjects; Amy Project, the
[Tape heavily edited] "The first three came in for emergency operations. Appendicitis, tonsils, foot injury. They came in at about the same time. They were young girls, otherwise healthy . . . teens. Of small frame, body type, which . . . small body types come out of the procedures more intact. If you get too big, your extremities aren't properly reached. [distant] Fine girls. [interviewer speaks] We were actually able to acquire them from hospitals. We had scouts in bogus offices acting as reps. It took a bit of maneuvering, but considering all the money we lavish on these institutions . . . Muir, Kaiser, Saint Braxas . . . the least they could do is release a patient to us once in a while." [demagnetized for twenty seconds] "Each one was brought in, chloroformed, and put on ice until her paperwork was squared away. [interviewer speaks] I.D., hospital paper-trail, investigation. Coroner's report . . . embalming documents. Death certificate. In essence, we needed them legally dead. There was a whole closed-casket ceremony and interment. It was a gaudy affair, I imagine." [thirty second gap] " . . . induced cardiac arrest for the fluid transfusion. The stabilizing serum had some unfortunate effects on the . . . on the veins and the arteries. [possible tampering] There was some hemorrhaging . . . which poses problems for the transfusion process. You get gangrene in the thighs and feet. But the girls held up adequately, especially the eighteen year old, and the Soma project only required above seventy percent thanatosification. They held up quite well. [interviewer speaks] The girls woke up under gradual electric stimulation. It was immediately apparent how different zombified patients, that is, live patients we revived . . . were from the cadavers we simply recovered. A great deal more activity throughout a larger area of the brain." [ten second gap] "The thing we had anticipated was the increased problem with live tissue corruption. Much more of the girls as physical humans had carried over, and a lot of it was prone to rot. There was a lot more abdominal ballooning. We opened their navels to vent out the gasses. [laughs] It was like working on your car. Except more noxious. [laughs]" [gap for thirty seconds] "They did move their mouths on occasion. When we had them play telephone, and hold dolls. [garbled] . . . the mechanical habit of speech. All memory of language was surely extinguished." [gap for three minutes] "In our eagerness to experiment, we were a bit negligent. The infections worsened until there was no way to save the brain. Amy lasted the longest. [interviewer speaks] Oh, it's possible. We were much more careful with our next revenants. Those girls taught us valuable lessons in thanatosifying live human subjects . . . in subsequent reviving. Some of my associates now call this the Amy project. It's heartwarming [laughs]"

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